Snow Quartz Mala

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Snow Quartz Mala with white tassel handmade by Ruth Roberts

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Snow Quartz Mala with white tassel is handmade by Ruth Roberts.

Quartz is a very powerful stone. It helps to feel connected with God and opens the Crown Chakra. In fact, the stone can open and help every chakra. This means there are strong spiritual powers that are activated using quartz. Since quartz functions on every plane, mental clarity is seen towards every situation and thought. Quartz is a protective stone and brings heightened awareness. Psychic abilities are magnified. The physical body is helped with healing. In the physical realm carrying or wearing quartz will attract money and success in all endeavors and grant all wishes. In meditation, using quartz can help focus and direct energy wherever you want. Using quartz with other stones will amplify their energy. Quartz is truly an "all-purpose" stone.

There is a very long history of beads being used in prayer or meditation practices. Whether you call them Malas (which means meditation garland), or rosaries, or prayer beads, or mediation beads, either way you prefer the intent is the same….to take some time to connect to the divinity within you. This particular “mala” is constructed in the traditional manner. There are 108 beads. The number 108 is considered the number of wholeness of existence, the "guru” bead (the one different bead before the tassel) is the representation of the concept that all that you need is within you, and then the tassel which represents our connection to the divine and to each other (it also may represent the lotus flower). The types of beads that make up the mala have been specially selected for power and magick.

Information about Malas Compiled by Dr. Jeanine McCleod


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Snow Quartz Mala

Snow Quartz Mala

Snow Quartz Mala with white tassel handmade by Ruth Roberts